John lives in our city

John Carey has lived in Brisbane Street in Perth for more than a decade and loves the great lifestyle that the city offers. But he also personally knows the real challenges it brings living in the city. As the Mayor of Vincent, which includes parts of West Perth, East Perth and Perth, he been working hard to make these precincts more vibrant and safer for residents. 

I am passionate about making Perth a better place to live. Perth is dramatically changing, but at its heart, its success relies on the people who reside there – vibrant, connected communities supported by strong services make a great city which feels safe and enjoyable to live.

A real record of community leadership.

Tired of a lack of positive action on Beaufort Street, John founded the Beaufort Street Network, a local business and resident organisation aimed at revitalizing the precinct. The Network has driven the transformation of the Beaufort Street precinct, through projects which have helped built a sense of a real community. John also co-founded the Beaufort Street Festival, credited with putting the café and retail on the tourist map.

Fighting for accountability and transparency in government

John has been a fighter for transparency and accountability in government – leading the charge to strengthen ratepayers right to know about decisions their local government is making. As Mayor, John has lead by example: banning councillor travel, creating the WA’s first developer councillor contact register and WA’s first online gift and hospitality register. He understands that elected officials need to set higher standards to regain community confidence and trust.